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When you hear the word ‘wellness’, many would associate wellness with physical health. To me, wellness is more than one’s physical health. There’s much more that factors into someone’s well-being than being physically fit or physically healthy. These factors include, your social, emotional, physical, financial and professional well-being. Someone can be physically well, but lack financial stability, thus causing stress – which may decrease one’s mental and financial well-being.

There’s needs to be a balance…

The purpose of this blog is to provide you the inspiration and resources for you to improve all aspects in your life to achieve your total wellness.

My mission is to inspire and support you in each of these areas. Within this site, you will discover various techniques, collaborations, guides, reviews, and motivation to help you become more whole. (And also a few beauty/fashion )

Feel free to connect with me via my social media. I hope you enjoy my blog! Take care!


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