How FitBit Improved My Lifestyle

How FitBit Improved My Lifestyle

I love activity trackers. I’ve used Garmin, Samsung, Nike but my favorite by far is the Fitbit.

It all started when I wanted to be part of the health community. I wanted to become physically fit and health, so I figured, what better way to do so than to wear an activity tracker.

My first one was the Fitbit Charge. It counted, steps, stairs climbed, calories, and even had a stop watch!
Each day I went the extra mile to reach 10,000 steps. I remember leaving work and going straight to our outdoor track right just to gain those extra thousands of steps. Feeling that vibration of meeting your step goal was always an accomplishment to me.

Fitbit helped me create a routine to run after work. It provided me that motivation to kept my routine consistent… and it was the consistency, that allowed me to have my lifestyle change.

I’ve graduated from using my activity tracker, but I still keep that consistancy of activeness. (Stay tuned for my blog post of why I stopped using Fitbit!)

Fitbit provided me with the motivation. My commitment for a healthier lifestyle kept me going.

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