How to be Positive

How to be Positive

“I can’t do this”. “Why can’t people learn how to drive?!”. “I hate visiting my in-laws”. “I hate making small talk with my boss”, “Waiting in this long line sucks! Hurry it up!!”

Admit it. You hear and say these thoughts at least once or perhaps multiple times throughout your week. Negative thoughts can be very draining to your health and effect other people’s mood around you.

I was pretty negative growing up – anything that can go wrong, did. And anything that went well could have been better. Those thoughts that I had hindered me to happiness. I could have never be satisfied.


Do you ever have bad days? Would you ever want to re-live those bad days? Truth is, there are no such thing as bad days.

You see, you perceived a day to be bad when something unexpected goes wrong. But, the key is: it’s all in your mind. It’s your thoughts that controls how your day went.  What if all your thoughts are positive… would you still have any bad days?

When you change your negative thoughts into positive ones, you will feel more fulfilled living your life.

It took me years to transform my negativity into positive thoughts. And I’m still working on it! Here are 5 tips that helped me become more positive!

1. Relax! Take a minute to breathe!
2. Accept it! Just accept what is happening.
3. Reflect! Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
4. Show gratitude
5. Love yourself

1. Relax – it will be okay! When you are put in a tight situation, try and relax. It can be difficult not to be angry, upset, sad… but just think… 5 years from now, will it still matter? If you spill coffee on your shirt, or have a flat tire… will it matter 5 years from now? Take a minute to breathe and shake it off!

2. Accept what is happening. Sure you may be stuck in traffic, or went through a bad break up. But what happened happened. You can’t change the past, but you can make the future better. You can always make a situation better through your actions, but in that difficult situation, just accept what happened, and take action.

3. Reflect! – put yourself into someone else’s shoes. When you come across a situation in your daily life that deals with people, put yourself in their shoes.
For example, if someone is speeding and cuts you off, is it necessary to swear? To  lift your middle at them? Put yourself in their shoes… what if that person had an emergency to attend to?
Here’s another example, I use to dread visiting my mother because she always nags at me. But, putting myself in her shoes, her nagging is the only way to express how much she loves and cares for me. When I started to reflect on her action’s and put myself in her shoes, I started to see things in her perspective of why she does the things she do.
It’s different when you think in someone else’s perspective.
Another example. You may dread waking up early for work each morning. Have you thought that some people who are struggling do not have jobs to wake up early for?
When you think from another perspective, and let go of your pride and what can benefit you, you will see a whole new world around you.

4. Show gratitude. I firmly believe in acknowledging others. When you are thankful for the people and things around you, your thoughts will change. Tell your family members how much you love them. Write thank you cards, help a stranger out, do something nice for someone. Acts of kindness does blossom. When you show kindness or others, their day will brighten and yours as well.

5. Love yourself. This one sounds the easiest, but I feel like it’s the hardest to follow. Love who you are. Love your flaws, your beauty… When you love yourself, you will make life much easier, thus generating more positive thoughts about you and your surroundings.



  1. Natalie says:

    So important to learn this trait! I’m still learning as well. I hate those days though where you perceive as if everything is going wrong. Those are the days where I just want to lock myself in my room and watch netflix haha. I like the tip with “putting yourself in their shoes.” I think empathy goes a long way with opening our eyes to see the situation objectively. Great post!

    Natalie |

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