3 Tips to Own Your Morning

3 Tips to Own Your Morning


Morning can be extremely stressful, especially if your mornings are busy as mine. I’m usually not a morning person, so when I snooze my alarm and wake up later than usually, I begin to panic.

My mornings use to effect the pulse of my days (check out my post on HOW TO BE MORE POSITIVE HERE) so if my mornings started off on a bad start, my day will seemed like it fell apart.

Continue reading below to ensure that you have a productive morning to reduce rushing!

First and foremost, plan your day! What do you need to do for the day? What must be accomplished and what other things can wait? For example, if you have a meeting to go to, or perhaps a presentation to do, plan ahead and be prepared! Make sure you have everything ready the day before so that you are not rushing to gather all items.
Just remember that if things do not go the way they planned, everything will be okay! If you take a long time to get ready in the morning, it may help to plan your outfits ahead of time as well, that way you won’t constipate what to wear in the morning.

Eat a healthy breakfast – No matter how busy your mornings may be, aim to eat a healthy breakfast! First of all, a healthy break will fuel your mind and body to keep you going throughout the day. Getting that nutrients at the start of your day can improve your performance. Trust me, it makes a huge difference !
If you do not have time to make breakfast in the morning, try making overnight oatmeal. It’s a breakfast meal that you can prep the day before. That way, you can walk out the door in the morning with something ready to go! Check out my recipe here.

Last but not least, think positively! Each morning is a brand new day, make it great! Just think, your day is filled with hope and so many possibilities that you can create. It’s a great day to be alive,so let go of your worries and power up to seek new opportunities to create a life work living. You got this!

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