Useful and quick organization tips !

Useful and quick organization tips !

Anyone who has a busy schedule knows that life can be extremely overwhelming with the amount of task to do in a day! It can be hectic when your day adds more to-dos to your list!


Since high school, I’ve learned the many ways to help me keep organized. Here are 4 ways that I’ve used to keep me organized and sane!


1. Utilize technology – Almost always have my phone on me and everything from my email and social media sync to my phone. It’s my go-to device for everything. I highly recommend using tasks lists and notepads on your phone to keep your thoughts and lists together. That way its easy accessible!

Secondly, there so many apps in the Apple or Google Playstore that will allow you to keep organized. My favorite apps are Evernote  and Todolist.
Evernote allows you to add notes, take pictures to add as attachments, add reminders, create do lists, etc. It serves as your personal notetaker!
Todolist is also one of my favorites. This apps pretty much lives up to its name. It’s an app for to create to do lists. Throughout the day, if I have something I need to do, or something to remember, I it jot down on the app. What’s nice with this is that you can set the task as an alarm. This is very useful when you have something come up in your day and you have to do something for later.

2. Write it down  – Use an agenda! – If you’re not a tech guy, agendas are great to use to keep organize. I use the ones that provides a monthly calender overview and daily logs. What nice about agendas is you can buy cute stationaries and personalize it into your own. I use two seperate agendas, one to keep track of my bills, and the other for daily tasks and dinner planning.

If yoy havent heard of bullet  journals, I recommend checking those out too! They are basically notebooks where you can dump all your lists too. It can be a cheaper route than buying an agenda.

3. Set alarm- I tend to be very forgetful, so I set alarms for almost everything. I use my Fitbit trackers to set silent alarms to remind me to drink water or get up and move. I use silent calender alarms on my phone to remind me of tasks I need to do during a set hour and I use my phone clock alarm to remind me if I need to do something urgeny. I must advise you that setting clock alarms may get annoying, especially if you live with someone. I’ve been trying to gear away from clock alarms because it will constantly rings and bother other.

4. Lastly, dont procrastniate! If sometime needs to be done, get it done! If you have time to spare, do a few items on your list – that way it’ll save you the trouble of having a massive breakdown when coming close to deadline.

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