How To Drink More Water In Your Day

How To Drink More Water In Your Day


It’s important to keep yourself hydrated! In facts, water helps carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells, converts food to energy, and even helps your body absorb nutrients. Not to mention that drinking water can clear your skin! It’s recommended to drink at least 8 cups of water each day. For me, that has always been a challenge. I feel like my day is always so busy for me to remember to drink water.

Overtime, my lack of fluids started to effect my skin and health. My body started to develop problems.

Keep reading and learn my two-step technique on how I drank more water.
First of all, if you would like to drink more water throughout the day, you need to set a goal and hold yourself accountable!

I went out and bought a 32oz water bottle (the one with the tick marks).  Amazon has some really good offers. Go check them out here! Click Here For Amazon

The 32oz water bottle allowed me to keep track of how much I drank in a day. You’ll be surprised how much you do drink! My first day, I barely got through 1/4 of my bottle! Over time, I set goals for me to drink a little more each day.
In addition to tracking my water dosage, I used to Fibit to set silent alarms as reminders for me to drink. This is a easy way to remind yourself. Don’t have a Fitbit? – That’s fine! You can also set your calendar on your phone or desktop to receive notifications to drink water.

Water has made a huge difference in my life: on my health and skin.

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  1. B. says:

    Always been a challenge for me too… Found a great ineral water, rich in bicarbonates. This makes it very light and “drinkable”… 😉

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