How to Make Money As a Student

How to Make Money As a Student


Need extra cash but don’t have the time to commit to a full/part time job? Or are you a student needing extra money but can’t commit to a job because you need to study?
Here are 4 ways where you can earn money as a student, without dedicating yourself to work.


1. Sell things you don’t need – I tend to accumulate a lot of items over the months that I don’t bother to use. Over time, it starts to build clutter in my home. Selling your unused items can provide you that extra cash and it’ll clean your living area as well! I sold my unused items on Craigslist and made over $400 in a month.

2. Donate blood – Some local plasma donation centers will pay you to donate plasma. Donating plasma or blood is a great way to help patients who need blood products. Not everyone is eligible for plasma donations. You must submit your medical history and pass a few times to ensure that you are healthy and eligible.

Surveys – You can sign up for survey sites such as Swagbucks, MyPoints, SurveyJunkie and take surveys to earn a few dollars here and there. From my experience, these surveys are quick to finish, but you earn a few cents per surveys.

Another route (if you are a college student) is to visit your campus and check your research center to see if they offer any paid surveys. When I was getting my undergrad, I completed a few surveys for $20 each. Sometimes flyers are posted around the campus so it’ll be best to keep an eye out.

Services – This is my favorite way to earn that extra cash.  Use your skills to earn money! Tutor a student, house sit, dog sit, sell digital art online. There’s websites that you can sign up for as a freelancer where you earn money from your skills. Providing your services to others in extra for money may be fun, and plus what better way to earn money than doing what you love!


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