25 Ways to Destress

25 Ways to De-stress

Feeling stressed?!


We all have those days where we just feel so overwhelmed of our surrounding or what’s happening in our lives. Sometimes, things may begin to build up and we just need some sort of outlet. Here are 25 ideas on how you can de-stress .


1. Unplug
2. Exercise
3. Meditate
4. Paint
5. Exercise
6. Sketch
7. Dance
8. Spend time with your loved ones
9. Catch up on a TV show
10. Watch a movie
11. Read a book
12. Have a glass of wine
13. Go hiking
14. Pinterest
15. Try a new recipe
16. Take a bubble bath
17. Listen to music
18. Take a nap
19. Get a massage
20. Color in an adult coloring book
21. Enjoy your favorite dessert
22. Go on a mini getaway
23. Reward yourself
24. Play a video game
25. Be positive

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