Morning Routines to Change Your Life

Morning Routines to Change Your Life


Do you feel like your mornings are very rushed? Like there is not enough time to get anything done? Or perhaps you’re not a morning person and you’d like to become more alive in the mornings. Your mornings affects your overall day… Here are a few tips to improve your mornings!

1. Wake up early – Try setting your alarm to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the mornings. I tend to feel more productive and happy waking up earlier than expected to get my day started. (Don’t forget to allow yourself to have a good nights sleep and a suffice amount of sleep hours in your night).

2. Hygiene – When your body feelings good and clean, your overall health and performance will improve. Make sure you have good hygiene! This can mean brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering, etc! Taking an extra 5 minutes of your morning to practice good hygiene goes a long way to enhancing your life.

3. Breakfast – Eating a healthy breakfast provides you that energy to spark your day! Those who begin their day with a healthy breakfast can boost your mood and productivity in your day. Trust me, when you start off with a healthy breakfast, you will feel good!

4. Exercise – As difficult as this may sound, 10 minutes of morning exercise in increase your metabolism, fuels your day and you’ll start your day in an awesome mood!

5. Drink Water – Stay hydrated!

6. Gratitude – A little gratitude goes a long way and just expressing gratitude, it can improve your relationship with others, personality, health and even begin your day in a positive perspective.

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