My First Month Blogging

My First Month Blogging: What I Learned, What I Should Have Done 

I pretty much dived into blogging without any experience. Prior to creating my blog, I spent a few days reading many start-up blogs and tutorial guides to get started. I figured the best way to learn is to get my hands dirty. It’s been one month since the start up of my blog.

What worked and what didn’t work


I spent days trying to find the perfect theme. When I found one, I would use it for a few days, then go back and download a new one.  I was very picky of having a nice layout than creating content. I learned that content drives viewers more than someone’s layout. If I could start over again, I definitely would focus on creating more content than spending days trying to find a layout.

Plugins and Widgets – These were so overwhelming to me because there were so many! I think I downloaded everything that was recommended! Even plugins and widgets that I don’t even use! It was fun seeing what types of plugins and widgets were out there, but I spammed my memory space. I think I do have knowledge of various plugins/widgets that I may use in the future from this experience.

WordPress Readers – This is one of my favorite things that I stumbled upon my first month. I love being a part of the blogging community and getting to know other bloggers out there. It’s very enjoyable reading others experiences, travels, advice, DIYs… I will continue to build relationships with other bloggers in the community next month.

My blog name – I wanted to focus on a blog that revolved around wellness. After two days of brainstorming, I think I created the perfect blog name. Though I do think the name is a tab bit long, I think it fits nicely with my theme and niche.


 + goals for next month

  1.  Continue to build relationship with other bloggers
  2.  Develop images for blog posts
  3. Find a social media platform to promote blog
  4. Create an email list
  5. Build up Pinterest followers count

 Tips for first time bloggers

  1. Create a social media platform to promote your posts
  2. Focus on content, worry less on layout
  3. Create an email list – I heard Mailchimp is highly recommended
  4. Get to know your fellow bloggers in the community

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