Ultimate Guide To Balance Your Work and Life

I am a people pleaser. Being a people pleaser, I always want to pleased my boss and also those who surround me. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming taking on multiple tasks that are out of my bandwidth – but of course, being the people pleaser I am, I can’t let them down. It can be extremely draining to satisfy my boss without overworking myself and at the same time, have that time to spend with family/friends.

I use to work such long hours – off work hours and weekends just to do a “good job”. On the downside, I was neglecting my family. Overtime, I learned how to balance work and personal life. Keep reading to learn a few of my tips.


background, balance, businessUnplug  – When I started my career, I synced my work email to phone… Worse mistake ever. Some jobs, I get it, you may need to stay connected, but from my personal experience, I was CONSTANTLY checking my emailing – during dinner, outtings, family movie nights. I was always working. It was unfair to my family that I was shutting them out to answer emails. There was also email inquiries that I was unable to answer until I work the next day. Being the person that I am, I sometime stressed of the problem in which I had no control over. One thing I learned is to either, limit yourself from check your emails (maybe set up expectations to only contact if it’s high urgency) or unplug complete. What happens at work stays and work. This helps create balance.

Limit yourself to bringing work home – Previously, I use to bring papers home to grade every weekend. I spent my weekends grading paper and boy did it stink working 6-7 days a week. I missed out on a lot of social outings and spending time with my family due to grading and lesson planning.  Instead, I started to do a little extra work at work instead of overloading myself on the weekends. Spending 10-15 minutes finishing up a few things, I believe, is a much better investing than abandoning your family and friends on the weekend.

Work smarter, not harder – I use to spend my weekends and nights creating templates and resources for my students. After my career change, I still found myself creating things at home instead of using resources that have already been there. Lesson: why recreate the wheel when it’s already been invented? Ask or search around for resources to use. If it something you need to do hasn’t been created or done yet, do your best to make it easy for you – or perhaps even create that ‘resource’ and sell to others so they don’t have to create it themselves.

Set your priorities  – Do what needs to be done first and prioritize!  Sometimes it may be easier to divide and conquer or collaborate with another to complete a task. This can save time which contributes to finding that work/life balance.

Say “no”  – I’d have to admit, it can be difficult to say ‘no’ to someone , especially if it’s your boss. It’s important to know your limit and yourself. If you know that you have a lot on your plate and have other priorities, let them know. That doesn’t mean to let that person down completely, but try your best to accommodate to their needs and at the same time, keep yourself happy.

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