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20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Review

I’ve always wanted toc! I remember having a knock off brand as a kid. When I heard that they are releasing Tamagotchi’s for their 20th anniversary, it was a must have! Here is my review for the 20th Anniversary of the Tamagotchi.

I bought mine at Barnes and Nobles for $14.99. It came in 6 different colors:

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I ended up getting the dark pink one for myself and the white one for my husband.

The Tamagotchi was much smaller than I expected. Though it is 20% smaller than the original, it still packs a punch.


The buttons were easy to press and the size allowed me to hang on my bag, or belt without it being too bulky.

When I first opened the box, there was a slip I had to pull to create the egg. This is the highlight of my Tamagotchi – after the slip was pulled, an egg rolled out and it started pulsing! I remember waiting minutes – which felt like hours, watching and waiting for my Tamagotchi to hatch!

Once it hatched, an eggling bounced onto the screen. Pretty soon I was able to feed and give it snacks/water. There;s three basic buttons on the Tamagotchi . From left to right, A, B, and C.

Pressing A will allow you to feed your pet. B confirns the action. Pressing B by itself shows you the time. C is cancel.

What’s nice is that I was able to put my Ta magotchi on silent so I can bring to work. To do this, hold down A and C. Every once in a while, I would check on it without hearing a loud beep. My Tamagotchi evolved to three stages. Midway though the last stage, I got bored of my Tamagotchi. I left my Tamagotchi unattended for a day and the next time I checked, it had a skull and a cross.

Overall, if I had a Tamagotchi as a kid, I definitely would be more in tuned with the toy. It’s great that they decide to bring back the Tamagotchi for the nostalgic feelings. Great comeback!


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